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Second Chance and Job Training Program

We InSpire, Inc.

A 501 (C)(3) non profit organization

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To ensure that our community-based services align with the needs of the population, We Inspire, Inc. will:

Analyze the prevalence of risk, job-readiness, and responsivity factors within our  target population;

Review the services provided to determine the extent to which they can effectively treat people with different risk and job readiness levels; and

Compare those two sources of data to determine where people should be referred based on their assessed needs, the structure of the referral process, and where there are gaps in community based services. As people move through the criminal justice system, they encounter multiple state, city, and local agencies and receive a variety of assessments, one of which inform decision making and referrals.

These technical assistance services will help establish policy frameworks to ensure that existing resources are leveraged in an impactful and sustainable way to deliver employment programs for this population.

Interim touchpoints will be held to review findings to date and explore initial recommendations.

Real Life Answers To Real Life Problems

Our Mission is to equip disadvantaged, young and at risk people with the credentials and skills they need to secure employment with opportunities for career advancement in a variety of fields.

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Used Cars


Donors giving to We Inspire, Inc. receive a written acknowledgment from the organization to claim that deduction on their individual income tax return.

Items Needed


To provide for transportation to and from events/training or our participants.

35 Backpacks

To carry water and other essential items to and from events and training.

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