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Second Chance and Job Training Program

We InSpire, Inc.

A 501 (C)(3) non profit organization

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Nationally, the impact of repeat offenders on the juvenile justice system is profound: Almost 60% of youth return to juvenile court before they turn 18. (Synder & Sickmund, 2006) Youth leaving incarceration are often under educated and has limited vocational skills. (Bullis, Yovanoff, Mueller, & Havel, 2002). The stigma of their criminal background can restrict or even preclude them from access to opportunities for employment, housing, and even social activities, depending on their crime and the restrictions placed upon them as conditions of their parole. Also, a lack of ability to generate adequate financial resources through acceptable means often further stymies their efforts to gain independence.

We Inspire, Inc. provides case management services in a program designed to integrate youth into a full range of educational, treatment, and alternative programs (when appropriate) by intensifying current systems, and building upon available community resources. We provide support and/or facilitate access to services and resources that contribute to the improved economic well-being and security of economically disadvantaged individuals.  Our target market are those people, that are one step away from getting back into the workforce and just need a helping hand to resolve all the obstacles in front of them to return to independence and self-sufficiency. Everyone that is homeless is not living under the bridge. Sometimes it’s just a matter of helping one to get his or her diploma or assisting in finding a decent job to help maintain the stability of their family. In some cases, it may be a matter of transportation

A.  Knowledge Of Work

We address the participants technical knowledge of job functions that they are required to perform and the general understanding of the policies, procedures and processes as they relate to the overall mission of the organization. We also address their ability to obtain new skills and further develop his or her existing skills through attending and successfully completing optional or required training as well as the student’s ability and willingness to share knowledge with team members.

B.  Quality Of Work

We aaddress the level of accuracy and proficiency with which the student completes assigned work.

C.  Dependability

We address the students’s ability to complete assignments accurately and on-time, as well as the ability to follow required procedures and guidelines.

D.  Initiative

We address the students ability and desire to actively seek out new solutions, tasks, opportunities or development that impove the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission in a more effective and efficient manner as well as improve their value to the organization  by furthering his or her own prfessional development.

Our program is designed to equip disadvantaged young people with the credentials and skills they need to secure employment with opportunities for career advancement in a variety of fields.   By combining academic, life skills and construction training, including a focus on employability skills, comprehensive social and other support services (e.g., counseling, housing supports, job placement, academic advising); connections to employers through We Inspire’s career development mechanism, we will provide employment opportunities during and upon completion of the program in the local labor market.  

Real Life Answers To Real Life Problems

 “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” ― Jim Rohn