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We Inspire, Inc is a non-profit provider of educational services, devoted to providing quality academic and enrichment programming for all learners. We believe that education should not only address intellectual capacities, but moreover, education also constitutes a matter of developing personal character, virtues and the attainment of proficiencies that lead to lifelong resiliency.  We further believe that in order to achieve and maximize the educational potential of students; they must be exposed to opportunities that will facilitate such goals.  We provide mentoring, education, counseling and assistance in job preparation services to participants that are 18 and older, and or 2nd chance offenders - giving them an opportunity to develop new skills for today’s job markets through our high school dropout prevention program. In addition to those programs, we also have the M&MS program.  Contact us via the form below for more inquiries.

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Our vision is to provide an enriching educational environment that provides for our learners, a realization that each of us has value and that each of us has a contribution to make in this life.

Proper Distribution of Wealth, Education, Opportunities & Privileges

You’ve heard the term “silence is violence”, but do you know the meaning? Everyone doesn’t march. Everyone doesn't scream and shout. Most people are not looking for war; just equality.  We all understand that some will always have more than others but the systematic methods of keeping a group of people from excelling is a major problem that has been overlooked for so long that the issue spills into the streets, businesses and all political arenas. We do not lobby, contribute to special interest groups or political groups. We Educate.


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